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Dated: September 29 2020

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Doctors and real estate agents are basically the same right?!?! Well definitely NOT the same but just like a doctor I can offer a second opinion.

For most people your home is your most expensive asset. If an agent has come by and told you what they think your house is worth and you feel you could use a second opinion...I'm happy to provide that. Every agent has a different experience with the market. Some may not sell a lot of homes and are a bit out of touch, some may not sell a lot in your area. Some provide little to no marketing. A second opinion costs you nothing but can really save you a lot of money and time in the end.

So if you are thinking about selling and need someone to come by and view your home give me a call - Kyle Hislop 604-795-1616

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Kyle Hislop

The boring stuff: Licensed since 2005. President of the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board in 2010. Won Realtor of Distinction in 2011. Director at BCREA 2017-2019. The NOT boring stuff: Christ....

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