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Dated: August 9 2020

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Lindeman Lake Hike is located down Chilliwack Lake Rd. just before your get to the lake. There is a parking lot on the left side (if driving towards the lake), which is often full so many people end up parking on the road.

The hike took us 2 hours today but we spent at least 45 minutes at the lake. This is my kids favorite hike mainly because of all the large rocks and trees they get to hike through and over.

There used to be a cool log bridge crossing the water which is now a safer, less cool metal one. My kids were a little sad about that...however much safer. My one daughter years ago actually slipped off the log bridge but caught herself on the metal guides, dangling over the edge. Luckily I was there to pull her back up but it really was a super unsafe crossing.

The beginning of the hike is very chill. Lots of giant rocks and huge trees. About half way through it gets steeper however they have added rope guides which force you to wind up the trail instead of just walking straight up. In my personal opinion this is the easiest hike in Chilliwack and with the best reward - Lindeman Lake.

The lake, as you can see in the video, is breathtaking. Blue green color, surrounded by old growth trees and rocks. It's not a very big lake so walking around to the other end doesn't take very long. Though most people just get to the lake and stop there. We always go around to the other side because there are more rocks to navigate through, plus if you are daring (like my son) to jump in, there are better spots on this side.

Enjoy the clip of my son jumping in. The expression on his face says it all. This is a insanely cold lake...basically melted snow. He didn't stay in long. Anyway if you are thinking about taking the family on a great family friendly hike...this is it. You will thank me later.

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